Alex & Stephen

Hoping to Adopt (North Carolina)


We love family holidays together! We’re so lucky that our families live close so we’re able to see & spend time with them often.
One of Stephen's favorite musicians is Jimmy Buffett. We try to see him whenever he comes to town.
Alex loves old photos. She has a few boxes of them and she considers them some of her most prized possessions.
Alex really enjoys cooking. She's always trying a new recipe and fine tuning her skills in the kitchen.
Stephen loves being a teacher & being silly with his students. He always knew he wanted to be a teacher when he grew up - that, or play for the NBA.
Alex loves UNC basketball - especially their mascot, Rameses.
Going to football games is a favorite on both of our lists. Go Panthers!
One of Stephen's favorite things to do is take a nap on the couch.
Alex and her mom, Cindi, LOVE the Rolling Stones. Between she and Alex, they have quite the assortment of Rolling Stones tshirts.
Alex's favorite season is Fall. There is a tree in our front yard that turns the brightest shade of yellow in the Fall - it's beautiful.
We both love the ocean. One of our favorite spots is sitting on the porch at our family beach house and listening to the waves.
Stephen really likes seafood. His favorite seafood dish is fish & chips in England. Its served with mushy peas, which Stephen gladly offers to Alex.
One of our favorite things is Christmas lights. We drive around during the holidays and look at houses in different neighborhoods around our city.
Stephen loves dessert so when we went to Italy, he had to get his hands on a real cannoli. It did not disappoint!
Alex LOVES all things Harry Potter. She and her cousins have matching tattoos of the three stars that appear on each page in the HP book series.
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