Ashley & Josh

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Quarantine Anniversary

Earlier this month we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! We are lucky to share our exact wedding anniversary with Ashley’s sister and our brother in law. They got married in Cancun 14 years ago, and we got married in Cabo 3 years ago. This year was a little different of course with quarantine, but with restaurants opening up, we were able to all go eat together at one of our favorite restaurants. It was a wonderful night out, with yummmmmy food and an anniversary we will remember during a crazy time of our lives together.  Although we have dated for 12 years now, we cherish our wedding day and the commitment and promise we made to God and one another. As the most important day in our lives (so far), we could not let it slip by without celebrating a little. We didn’t get a pic at the restaurant, as we were being as cautious as possible with all of the new rules and precautions, but we didn’t forget to get one back home! We looked forward to many more blessings and memories together! 

Happy Birth Mother's Day!

Although we cannot say it in person... We will never stop honoring you! Happy Birth Mother's day to all of you courageous, selfless, and loving women! You are our heros!


We love getting our pups puppacinos at one of our favorite local coffee shops! Avery and I had a little lick first, but we let Ella enjoy most all of it! Avery loves watching Ella lick her lips after <3

Pullin' teeth!

Aunt Ashy helped pull our sweet niece's tooth this weekend while she was over! As you can see, Avery is getting good at it! She was so brave! We LOVE having Ashley's side of the family all within miles of us! Everyone is always welcome at each other's house anytime. Extended family dinners, swim parties and game nights are a regular thing at our house, and we love it!

Our Animals

We have three dogs and a cat. Ella is what we call the original. She is a 10-year-old Maltipoo. We got her as a puppy, and she goes everywhere with Ashley. She is the absolute best dog either of us have ever had, and everyone that knows her wants to clone her. Ella even walked down the aisle with our nephews in our wedding in Mexico. Dolly and Hattie are 3-year-old Goldendoodles. We got them from a friend as puppies, after not being able to decide on just one. Ashley had her eye on Hattie, and Josh could not let Dolly go, so we decided to bring them both homes. We are so glad we did because they each have their very own, silly personality and have brought so much joy to our lives. Matisse is our 6-year-old cat that surprisingly gets along great with our puppy crew. He enjoys venturing in the backyard with us when we are out, but if we are inside, he wants no part of staying outside long by himself.

Our Home & Community

We live in a medium sized suburb with an excellent school district and a great sense of community. Our home is located in a small neighborhood with large lots, so we are not too close to neighbors and have plenty of room to relax, play and hang out. Although we do not live in the country per se, it is not uncommon to see wildlife such as deer and bunnies in our yard at dusk and dawn. We enjoy the wildlife, as we are an animal loving family. Our lot backs up to the elementary school that our nieces and nephews attend. This will be our future children’s first school, as well. Ashley’s work schedule and being so close to the school, allows her to attend many of our nieces and nephews school activities, which she deeply enjoys. Many days, her and the kids walk to our house after school to play with our pups in the backyard. Our home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is on a one-acre lot. We have an awesome backyard with a pool, basketball goal, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and tons of open space with grass and trees for playing games and running with the dogs. While we love our entire home and have truly made it our own, the backyard area is definitely our favorite and where we spend the most time!

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