Lisa & Michael

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Michael

Michael is a born and raised Texan. His parents provided for his education, and his first computer, and fireworks. As a family, they would often take vacations and travel. Michael loves watching movies and creating new (sometimes inedible) cooking creations. He also loves technology and computers, and a good cup of espresso.

Meet Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in a small town in Southern Illinois. Her mother was a hairdresser, and her father was a teacher. They lived on small farm and raised cows. Everyone knew everybody and we knew everyone. Lisa didn’t have just one mother but a whole beauty shop full of women looking out for her. Lisa met her best friend on the first day of kindergarten. They have been friends for several decades. She currently lives in Denver, CO. Lisa thinks it’s nice to have a best friend that still gets her and can have meaningful and goofy conversations with. They spend time together each year and talk every week. For Lisa’s last birthday, they went to hot springs and spent the afternoon soaking in the warm water and talking – nonstop.

Wilby the Sheepdog

We wanted to get a family dog that would love to be snuggled with and read to. This year in July, Wilby the sheepdog, joined our family. Most of our neighbors have small children and they all yell for WILBY to come play with them. And away he goes. He’s been growing nonstop. We can’t train him to stay in our yard – because he loves the kids all so much. He loves water – and bath time. And he loves to go exploring. The best thing about Wilby is he loves everyone. He looks out the window to see if any neighbors are outside. Nothing warms our hearts like,“Wilby come play with me.”

Our Home

We love our neighborhood. It is newer and out in the country. Our house sits on an acre on the top of a hill, so we have lots of country views all around and can see the sunrise and sunset each day. We have a large two-story house with a big playroom upstairs. Many neighbors call our home “the castle” due to its stately stone facade. Most of our neighbors have small children and we look out for each other. We live in a safe neighborhood with lots of trails and areas to explore. One of our favorite summer pastimes is hanging out with our neighbors and having the children ride their electric vehicles through all of our backyards or watching them play flashlight tag at night. Of course, Wilby is right in the middle trying to catch them. Currently, we have two large wild bunnies living in our backyard. And a nursery herd of deer bed down for the night there as well.

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