3 Christian Adoption Stories

For so many people, God’s plan for adoption is evident throughout their lives. No matter how a child is placed with a family, it is a true blessing. 

If you are considering adoption or you are an expectant parent looking into your options, adoption can feel scary and uncertain. Some people are called to adopt at a young age, knowing that God had a plan for them to reach a child in need. For others, it feels like adoption was the furthest thing on their mind. Adoption is a beautiful and precious gift from God. Both the child, the adoptive parents, and the birth parents can be blessed through adoption. 

If you are a birth parent and you are unsure about what path you should take, I urge you to speak to an adoption specialist. They can help you go over all your options and see if adoption could be the right answer for you. They can also help you get in touch with a medical professional in your area as well as counseling services. Just remember, God will use your situation to show His love, no matter what decision you choose.

If you are a prospective adoptive parent who feels like God is leading you to adoption, it might feel overwhelming. Check out adoption.com to check out resources. I know some families worry that they just won’t be able to love a child that is not biologically theirs. I can tell you from experience though, that is far from the truth. So, check out -6these three (my story included) adoption stories and see how much adoption can change your life.

1. Christian Adoption Stories: Meet Christy R.

Our first story comes from Christy, an adoptee who was adopted by a beautiful Christian couple. God has used her story to bless so many others and she can see exactly how God has worked within her life.

In the summer of 1983, my birth mother released me into the arms of the couple who are my parents. Since making the choice to put me up for adoption, she had searched for a husband and wife who could give me what she could not (and what she herself had experienced): a two-parent home that loved and served Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful for her choice, her discernment, and her love.

As a child, I was aware very early on that I had been adopted, and my birth mother’s sacrificial love for me was always emphasized. The result was that I never felt any sense of abandonment — quite the opposite! Because of my parents’ faith, I was able to see how we are all, as believers, adopted into the family of God. There is no shame, no abiding grief, in adoption, but rather a deep joy that God makes us wholly His own. Just as my parents made me wholly theirs. 

Since becoming a mother myself, I occasionally wonder what my life would be like if my birth mother hadn’t given me the incredible gift of adoption… Ultimately, I’m always left with a sense of awe at what happens when godly people say “yes“ to the urging of the Holy Spirit, whether that is a call to let something go or a call to bring someone in. 

2. Christian Adoption Stories – Meet Daniel and Jean

I met Jean through social media and I was instantly drawn to their beautiful story. When fertility issues forced them to lean on God more than others, God showed them a new path. They are now in the process of bringing home their third child. When they felt lost and broken, God opened their lives to a beautiful new path. 

Daniel and I are blessed to have grown up in families who modeled a love of God and prayer, and a desire to do God’s will. We met in college doing pro-life work, and when we got married, we wanted to have a large family. However, year after year we got pregnant and lost our children very early on. It was a very difficult time! We continually asked God what he wanted from us. There are few of us to whom God speaks directly, so we had to discern his will through what we knew he would want and what we felt at peace about. We completed a home study for domestic adoption, found an adoption lawyer, created an online profile, and communicated with a few birthmothers. Then something wonderful happened. Since before we were married, we had felt deeply moved by the idea of adopting an orphan with special needs from overseas. At some point, we even decided to sign up to receive emails from Rainbow Kids with profiles of children from around the world who were waiting for families, and we would dream of giving these children a loving family. One day we received our almost-daily email from Rainbow Kids with profiles of beautiful children with special needs, and our son Danny’s profile was in it. Though we usually smiled and sighed and wished we could adopt all the children, when we saw Danny, we felt at once that he was our son! The videos linked sealed the deal and we called right away to inquire. The agency rep said she would give us some time to discuss and then we could call her to let her know if we wanted to pursue adopting him. We hung up the phone and looked at each other—we knew we should pray but we also knew that this was the answer to our prayers. After asking for God’s guidance and assistance in this adoption, we called back and stated our intention to adopt. The social worker was so surprised to hear from us again within minutes of hanging up! Since then, we have adopted our second son who also has Down syndrome, and is now in the process of adopting a daughter with Down syndrome. We didn’t start off with a plan, but we always pray for God’s will to be done and do the best we can after that. It has been a really amazing journey, albeit difficult. But really, who doesn’t find their life to be difficult? It may as well be difficult and rewarding! We are so thankful to have been chosen to adopt some of God’s most special children. Please pray for us to be given the grace needed to complete our vocation!

3. Raising Peanut

So, this is my story. I never imagined adoption being in our path and only by God’s plan we were able to bring home our beautiful daughter. God’s hand was evident throughout our adoption and we have tried to use our story to bless others.

In 2013, I suddenly had a very strong desire to have a child.  Seemed very odd to us because 1. We were pretty content with our 3 amazing kids already and 2. Hubby got snipped right after our daughter was born because we had major complications. But each month without fail I’d get my cycle and fall into a depression that would last about 3 weeks before my HOPE of pregnancy came back.  How my hubby dealt with met through this I do not know!!  After about a year of non-stop roller-coaster emotions, I felt a tug to look into foster care.  After months and months of convincing hubby that I would be stable enough to let a child return back to their parents (and honestly convincing myself!) we started taking the steps to become certified.  The process took almost a year to complete.  Getting all our background checks, house up to code, even setting up a crib in our bedroom, all the T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted.  I was so excited to finally receive our first child.  But then…NOTHING HAPPENED!  For about 6 months we just waited…and waited…and waited!  I wasn’t sure what God was planning, but I know He was getting my heart prepared.  Around August (9 months before Jana was born!) I started having a recurring dream. Each night it was almost always the same, I was in bed with my hubby and I had a baby girl on my chest asleep.  I knew in my dream that I didn’t give birth to her, but that she was ours.  I never saw her face.  I just knew I felt so complete and at peace.

On June 22, 2015 (Jana’s one-month birthday) around 4 pm I received a call from our social worker.  She told me she had a baby in need of placement.  The catch was, we would have to be willing to adopt her, oh and yea, she has Down Syndrome!  (We later found out that because of the Down’s they struggled to find a home for her) This young baby didn’t even have a name yet!  At the time she was known as Baby Girl.  She told me we would also get to name her!  I was told to call Juan and call her back if we were interested.  I tried to stay calm.  I didn’t even tell him what I was thinking…which was “YES SHE’S OURS!!!” I explained what happened and almost instantly he said YES!  He knew, just like I did, this baby girl would be ours forever!  No matter what disability she might have.

So, on June 25, 2015, after many tears, worry, and deep conversations with God, I met our 4th child.  I remember the day almost perfectly.  Seeing this tiny little peanut all curled up in a car seat.  She was beautiful and perfect.  I didn’t see Down Syndrome.  I saw a beautiful little girl who needed deep love and support.  One who needed a home because she had already gone through so much in her short little life.  It took till about 3 am for me to truly feel like her mama.  Laying up with her, holding her against me, I just knew!  She was mine forever and it was truly God’s work at play!!  My dream had literally come true! 

Christian Adoption Stories – What does this mean for you?


If you are a birth parent, reading these stories and feeling unsure about your next step, understand that adoption is a beautiful and loving sacrifice. You are not “giving up a child” you are placing the child in God’s hands. You are trusting that He will provide a safe and loving home to your child to be cherished for all of her or his life. Even though this is a beautiful sacrifice, it comes with heartache. Adoption is not an easy choice. It would help for you to speak to other mothers who have made this choice. Support groups are available to connect you with others who truly understand this sacrifice. 

If you are an expectant adoptive family and you see these stories in hope, I can promise you that there are millions just like it. Adoption is an absolutely beautiful way to grow your family. It is clearly part of God’s plan. If you are interested in learning how the adoption process works, and some tips to make it an easy process check out adoption guides. They will help lead you in the right direction. Many private adoption agencies keep God at the center of their agency. Figuring out what your adoption story will be is so important, but remember to trust God to guide your way. He knows the child that He has set apart for you. He believes you will be the perfect family for this little life. Keep in mind that this is not something to take lightly. Adoption brings cultures and worlds together and shares God’s love in ways you never imagined. 

From Moses to Jesus, to every single one of us, Adoption is evident throughout the bible. God’s overall plan was that we would all be adopted into His kingdom. Romans 8:15 tells us “You received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as His own children.” So, it doesn’t matter if you are a birth parent figuring out your path, a prospective adoptive family who is figuring out where to start, or just someone who is interested in the adoption process. We are all tied together by God’s ultimate love and each one of us is heir to His throne.