How God Manifested Himself in Our Adoption Journey

Adoption is often quite a leap of faith. Even if you have been preparing your heart for adoption for most of your life, most people do not have $30,000 sitting in their bank account, all in a pretty lump sum. And, if they do, you are still putting so much faith into the process, the country you’re adopting from, your adoption agency, the orphanage/foster care system, etc. There are so many moving parts that you have no control over. Relinquishing that control can be more difficult for some than others. Yet, God shows up. He shows up when you need Him the most, and He shows up when you have no idea where to go from there. Let me share with you how God manifested Himself into our family’s adoption journey.

We are now almost two years home from Bulgaria. When we started the adoption process, my husband and I were young (23 & 24). Most countries won’t accept your application until you meet their minimum age requirement, which is often 25 or 30 years of age for the youngest person in the marriage. We were years from that. But, Bulgaria didn’t care that we were young.  

We were also directly pursuing a deaf adoption. I am a sign language interpreter by trade and education, and my husband and I had many deaf friends and community relationships that helped us better our skills and understanding of American Sign Language. So, we were going to adopt a deaf child, immerse him into the beautiful and rich deaf world here in America, and love her through her own personal journey of walking between both the deaf and hearing world. Bulgaria said “welcome!” to our hopes. We chose that country quickly and began our process.

Two years later, I am pregnant with our second biological child. We had just found out he was a boy when we got a call. There was a 2-year-old boy who had become available again. And he was deaf. But the agency would have to fight to get his file for us. It was going to come to us in a nontraditional way, and no one was sure the ministry would approve.

Accepting this referral meant traveling right after our son was born, but we accepted nonetheless. The day I was discharged from the hospital, we got a call saying that the ministry had approved the transfer; his referral was ours!

Two trips and almost two years later, we are now home with a completely hearing Bulgarian boy. While we struggle with the trauma that has caused various neurological and developmental issues, our adoption was truly ordained by God. God orchestrated our journey so perfectly that He even convinced two different Bulgarian doctors that our son was deaf, just so his referral would make his way to us. Our biological children were born at the perfect times; both of my pregnancies extended our journey just a bit to where our new son would become available to us right when we were ready. Although we adopted out of birth order, developmentally, he is right in line with the order we added him into our family. 

God had His hand in our journey from the beginning. He led us right to our country, had everything timed out so perfectly that right when our son’s referral would be rejected by one family, it would be passed to us because of my expertise in dealing with hearing loss. Then, after all that, our son is completely hearing, and we are constantly learning how to lean more on the Lord throughout this “parenting through trauma” journey. He blessed us when we took our 2-year-old and 6-month-old to Bulgaria to pick up our 3-year-old. He blessed us when we were blessed with the final fees being paid by grandparents. We were blessed to have friends who had become therapists after graduation, and I was able to contact them for help right away. We have been blessed to have so much support during our process, especially since we have added another biological child and now have 4 kids developmentally under 4. Without the Lord leading us from the start, our son wouldn’t be here. He orchestrated every detail and made Himself apparently known. We are thankful as we stand in awe at the boy we see today. He came home at 3 years old not eating, not walking, not talking, and terrified of life. We now have a sassy almost 5-year-old who runs all over the house, eats anything you sit in front of him, and who is starting to find the bravery that was lost inside himself so long ago.  

Only God, y’all. Only God. 


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