5 Christian Adoption Agencies in the U.S.

Finding the right adoption agency whose core values are in line with your own is an incredible blessing and advantage moving forward. Due to many Christians’ strong convictions for the sanctity of life, many people have formed adoption agencies to find loving homes for children who desperately need them. Here is a list of just a few licensed Christian adoption agencies that operate in the United States. 

  1. American World Adoption: This is an international Christian adoption agency. They have a wide variety of programs that offer counseling and international adoption.
  2. Nightlight Christian Adoption: Nightlight Christian Adoptions is an agency that works to place children with loving families. In addition to pregnancy services, domestic, and international adoption, they also offer embryo adoption through their Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program.
  3. International Christian Adoption: This agency specializes in international adoption but also offers domestic adoption services. Their programs include Adoption Hosting, a program designed to bring a child eligible for adoption into a prospective adoptive family’s home for a time to see if the child would be a good fit, foster care to adopt, international adoption, and refugee foster care.
  4. LDS Family Services: This organization run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints offers adoption services as well as pregnancy support. They specialize in domestic adoption.
  5. Catholic Charities Community Services: This agency also specializes in domestic adoption. It also provides pregnancy support services as well as foster care services.

These adoption agencies are all different, requiring different criteria for prospective adoptive parents and not all of their programs are available in all states. Make sure to do extensive research and speak with official representatives of different agencies to find the Christian adoption agency that best meets your needs. May the Lord bless you on your adoption journey. 

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