What It Means To Be A Christian Adoptive Parent

Christian Adoptive Parent

Religion that God our Father accepts as faultless and pure is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress… (James 1:27).

As Christians we look toward the Bible to affirm the choices we make in our lives. Adoption is a powerful and beautiful gift. A powerful and moving allegory between our adoptions as children of the King into our heavenly family, being made permanent heirs of His kingdom.

As a Christian adoptive parent, we see adoption differently because of the Biblical stories we probably all were told. We also see it as a command to take care of the helpless around us. By choosing to take a unique path we see a covenant, provision, and grace.

A covenant is the binding or establishment of a relationship. Even though adoption is a legal process for the Christian family, it’s so much more. We are making a promise to that child and giving them the gift of a family. We show our outpouring of love that was first shown to us when we became children of the King to the child that comes into our home and family.

We show a desire to provide for this child. In the story of Moses, two women, his birth and adoptive mother wanted to provide the best for him. Jesus stated that when we trust in Him, He will provide our needs. That He cares for us more than sparrows. By adopting a child we provide them with both emotional and material needs. We follow the model set for us.

Adoption is grace in action. A woman struggles with a pregnancy she may not have planned, a couple struggles with infertility or a desire to grow their family. A child sits alone in foster care or in an orphanage far away. Grace steps in and God answers the cries of the brokenhearted. We see a beautiful plan unfold, and God’s mighty hand in the midst of the storm.

Being a Christian adoptive parent is a high calling. It should not be taken lightly and not everyone is called to this way of life. For those of us who are though, it’s an amazing journey. We get to see miracles happen and witness the power of amazing grace.