How God Called Me To Adopt

How God Called Me To Adopt


God planted the seed of adoption early in my life. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t true of my husband. Growing up I had friends who were adopted. While I was curious about my friends, they were just kids, growing up with the same angst about their parents as I was. In my teen years I had an aunt and uncle who were pursuing adoption. God planted seeds everywhere. I watched those seeds grow as childhood friends adopted their children.

Through the years of infertility, I would occasionally bring up adoption. My husband’s answer was always no. While adoption was more prevalent in my life, it was completely absent in his. He didn’t know anyone who had been adopted, had adopted, or had considered adoption.

A few years into the process of building our family I received a social media message. It was from a friend who knew of a girl that was expecting her second child. The friend was contemplating placing her child for adoption, would we be interested? Later in the evening I casually mention it to my husband and to my extreme delight he says “yes.” I nearly dropped the dish I was drying.

We completed our home study and a few months later our son was born. At that point the fire was lit in both of our hearts. Little did we know that God would change that fire. Three years after our son was born, after a couple failed placements, we were discouraged, frustrated, and trying to figure out what to do next. Over the next few months we prayed fervently for God to bring another child into our lives. People would casually mention foster care adoption, and every time I would smugly smile and say “It’s not for us.” I had friends who had adopted from foster care. Friends like me who wanted children, and gave up the life they knew to raise these kids from difficult places. I saw how much they struggled, and truthfully still do, but I didn’t see the love or the joy.

God continued to work in our hearts. The seed was there, but I refused to water or nurture it in anyway. I wanted God to bring me another beautiful baby. Eventually He would. We prayed, and we discovered our new home church. It was such a beautiful blessing as we realized the large number of adoptive families within our new church. We prayed. Others prayed for us.

In February of last year, I was approached by a coworker. She was a child protection investigator who knew that we wanted to adopt again. She asked me about our journey, we talked about adoption, and she watered the seed. Later that month we received our foster care license

April 10 we learned of our son. April 29 he came home forever. Listening to God’s plan. Nurturing and watering what He has planted has now become a necessity. I would have missed out on so much had I ignored His plan for our lives. 367 days after our son came home, our daughter came home. Five and a half years ago I dreamt of having three children and never truly believed it could happen. But God knew, his plan was true and good.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11). This is my life verse. I keep it with me always.