6 Christian International Adoption Agencies to Consider

Once you have decided to pursue adoption, the next step will be to decide and choose an agency that performs a home study. For faith-based families, finding an adoption agency that aligns with your core beliefs may be an extremely important characteristic you are looking for when you begin your hunt for an agency. For Christian families looking to adopt overseas, finding Christian international adoption agencies may be exactly what you’re looking for. This ensures that your agency has fundamental beliefs that match your family’s, they will behave ethically and morally during the process, and will prayerfully support you throughout your journey, before, during and after. Here are our top 7 Christian international adoption agencies.

Christian International Adoption Agencies

1. Gladney Center for Adoption: domestic, international, birth mother support

With a main office in Texas and smaller branches in various other states, Gladney Center for Adoption is able to provide all the resources you need to grow your family. Though not explicitly a Christian agency with a Jesus-centered mission statement, Gladney serves Christian families and welcomes families wanting to pursue a prayer centered adoption journey. Gladney provides services for those wishing to adopt domestically (infant or through foster care) and international (serving China, Taiwan, and Colombia currently), and also facilitates placement and supportive care for birth mothers. 

2. Lifeline Children’s Services: domestic, international, birth mother support 

Lifeline Children’s Services’ main hub is out of Alabama, but they service families from all over the country. With their own branches in many states, they also service those families who have received an approved home study through a separate home study agency; in this case, Lifeline Children’s Services would take your home study and then further facilitate your process from that point on. Lifeline’s statement of faith is easily found under their “What We Believe” drop down menu, making sure that prospective families know exactly where Lifeline stands as a Christian agency serving the fatherless. They use the Bible and various verses multiple times to ensure that prospective parents know their core beliefs, and they explicitly state that they are “committed to gospel-centered service for our clients”. They provide support for men and women who are in crisis during pregnancy, and also provide domestic and international adoptions, as well. In their international adoption program, they work in 19 countries, including China, Colombia, India, Hungary, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Poland, Honduras, Peru, and Uganda. While not all of these programs are open to those with a permanent residence in the United States, Lifeline does service these countries and will be able to help you determine which country fits your family the best. Their website continuously points back to Jesus and the church, and give those with orphan care centered hearts many opportunities to serve without adopting. They have a sponsorship program, volunteer opportunities, ways to join in fundraising and donating to impoverished children. They help equip the local churches to services families with a “family restoration” mindset when servicing those in the foster system, and they have many opportunities for education for adoptive families. They really have the whole package, and try to maintain a Jesus-centered focus as they service their families. They are willing to pray with you and for you as you journey to bring your child(ren) home.

3. Christian Adoption Services: International, domestic (NC & SC), Foster-to-adopt

The name of their agency points back to their focus, making it easy for Christian families to find their agency online. They have infographics to help explain what they believe as a company, and exclusively quote the bible as they explain their Christ-centered approach. Their website explains their beginnings, and how one of founding members successfully implemented an adoption program in her native country of El Salvador, and then brought those skills back to the United States and began Christian Adoption Services in North Carolina. They also have a form to fill out online if you are seeking prayer. They have a domestic infant program, that works exclusively in North and South Carolina. They have a foster-to-adopt program, where they partner with Baptist Children’s Home, to provide resources and service to those wanting to adopt from foster care in North Carolina. Finally, they have an international adoption program where they work with The Philippines and Czech Republic. They also have other opportunities to support orphan care through their agency, including a sponsorship program and various fundraising events.

4. Nightlight Christian Adoption: Snowflake, international, domestic, birth mother support, Foster care

On Nightlight’s front webpage, they quote Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” They are bringing their gospel-centered approach to adoption front and center, and that can be a real relief for Christian families looking to find a perfect agency fit for their family. They service both expectant birth parents and help them make a confident decision, based in knowledge and strength. They also have a domestic infant adoption program, where they have placed over 2,500 children into loving homes. They service foster families and also provide educational opportunities to help support and equip foster and adoptive parents with the tools they need to parent their children from trauma. They also have an international adoption program, where they work in a variety of countries including Albania, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, China/Hong Kong, India, Latvia, Malawi, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Romania, Taiwan, Samoa, Uganda, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. They have a plethora of information online, allowing prospective families to navigate their website and narrow down what path they want to take in their own time. They have tons of information about older children adoption, special needs adoptions, and how to join a hosting program.

The unique thing about Nightlight Christian Adoption is their snowflake program. They service families who are wanting to give birth to their adopted children by adopting a remaining embryo. They match up donors and prospective families to create unique unions, allowing adoptive couples to experience pregnancy and birth in an ethical and safe way.

5. All God’s Children International: International, Foster care (OR)

All God’s Children International is a Christ-centered agency that desires to continually answer the call God has placed on their hearts to serve and honor the fatherless by assisting families in ethical and God-lead adoptions. They have a prayer team to pray for children around the globe and for the families in process to meet these kids where they are and bring them home. They have a child sponsorship program to help reach impoverished children all over the globe. Their sponsorship program helps to support their families by providing them with enough resources to be able to care for their children, by providing therapy services, education opportunities, meals, parenting support. The program also reaches into the local orphanages in the communities they work in to help improve the care given. They also service families adopting internationally. Since international adoption is their focus, they are able to expand their reach and currently work in 6 different countries around the world. Those countries include Bulgaria, Burundi, China, Colombia, Haiti, and Philippines. They also serve families adopting locally from the United States foster care system in the state of Oregon.

6. Faithful Adoption Consultants: domestic support

Although not an agency, Faithful Adoption Consultants (FAC) helps families throughout their adoption journey by specifically supporting them as they are in process. With over 10 years of experience facilitating adoptions, adoption is deeply integrated into the lives of their employees. With many of the social workers and directors having adopted themselves multiple times, they can give you a real understanding of what you are going through in process, since they have been in your shoes many times before. They have a core belief to caring for the “least of these”, and maintain a pro-life center stone by supporting expectant parents and prospective parents. They specialize in domestic infant adoption, and because that is their only focus, they are able to hone in on the needs of each and every client. Although Faithful Adoption Consultants is not a placing agency, they support families throughout each and every step of the journey. They provide home study referrals, grant and loan information, networking assistance, education, attorney referrals, support after placement, and more. As consultants, they are able to serve you as you navigate paperwork and governmental requirements. They specifically say that “our heart is to see the Lord build families through adoption” and their commitment to that shows online. They would be a wonderful resource for you to add in addition to your home study and placement agency for your domestic newborn adoption.

7.  American World Adoption – international


American World Adoption focuses on international adoption and has been Hague accredited to provide international adoption services in all 50 states within the United States of America. Their reach is long and wide, able to serve the entire USA, and their focus on being a Christ-centered service is deep. They are considered a “non-profit organization with a religious classification”, so they do require at least 1 parent (a single parent or 1 from a marriage) to affirm their statement of faith. They offer lots of parental support for post-adoption issues and can provide that through podcasts, training, support groups, and a list of resources. American World Adoption also fights for the betterment of orphans all over the world by not only facilitating ethical international adoptions, but also by offering mission, service, and donation opportunities. The agency provides a lot of financial information, like links to various grant organizations and information about the Adoption Tax Credit, to help support families who are concerned about the impact adoption service fees will have on their family budget. For those who are interested in international adoption, American World Adoption has a relationship with the following countries: China, Kyrgyzstan, India, Ethiopia, and Haiti. They had a domestic program at one point, but it is currently closed. If you are interested in viewing some of China’s waiting children, American World Adoption has available photo listings. Most of the children on their waiting list are older and/or have special needs, some of which include cleft lip and palate, heart defects, orthopedic differences, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, etc.

Quality Christian adoption agencies exist out there, you may just have to hunt a bit to find them. But, be reassured that the ones listed here have a gospel-centered, Christ-like view of adoption and prayerfully desire to restore families, either through reunification with the foster care system or with domestic and international adoptions. If you are a believer and are searching for Christian adoption agencies to serve your family as you proceed on the journey to grow and build your family as the Lord calls you, look no further. If you are here without feeling the call to adopt, but are instead seeking a way to impact orphan care and be a voice for the fatherless, many of these adoption agencies have opportunities for you to serve in that capacity. Whether it be by sponsoring a child to help support them and their family, joining a prayer team, or helping to fundraise for various orphan care events these agencies host, you will be in good hands here, knowing you are making an impact serving the fatherless with one of these Christian adoption agencies listed. Or, maybe you are interested in pursuing foster care or a foster-to-adopt program like the ones listed here, but these agencies don’t serve your area. Reach out to these agencies and they can connect you to one with similar beliefs that serve families in your area. No matter what path you seek, or if you are an expectant parent looking for support, one of the agencies here is able to assist you. Prayerfully consider which one is a good match for your family and they will be there with open arms.

Are you considering placing a child for adoption? Not sure what to do next? First, know that you are not alone. Visit Adoption.org or call 1-800-ADOPT-98 to speak to one of our Options Counselors to get compassionate, nonjudgmental support. We are here to assist you in any way we can.